argan oil acne treatment

This is my story towards discovering argan oil acne treatment. Hope this will somehow inspire others who shares the same problem with mine...

Growing up I never had any issues with my skin. Even in my teenage years puberty acne was not a problem at all. Most of my friends and classmates back then are suffering from pimples and acne, I was an exemption. I am blessed not to have such complications as a teenager.

Fast forward to my college days.. I started having pimples here and there whenever I have my period. But it didn't bother me because it just goes away after my period is over. Then I did something that caused it to be a problem, a really major problem..

My dilemma started when I began using different beauty products, I admit I have used tons of them. Mostly because I was influenced by friends and relatives older than me. I was so stupid and clueless using just any product available not knowing that I have super sensitive skin. Wrong move!

 Some of these products worked for some time but it didn't last long. After a few months of using them I started to experience allergies and irritations. So I move from one product to another, that was the cycle, and it actually became a habit. Then came out my serious acne problem and all sorts of pimples. They almost cover my entire face, literally, especially after college. I seek professional help but it got worse. Out of desperation I decided to stop all kinds of products and treatments given to me. I did my own research and opted for alternative organic products hoping for a miracle. I tried several essential oils like tea tree, lavender even virgin coconut oil, along with some organic soaps and organic beauty regimen. It  helped somehow but I still get those bumps specially when i'm stressed out. It keeps coming back, after some of it dries out a new one will appear again and I get so frustrated having to deal with it every time.

All those years I feel so hopeless and insecure, until finally I read about organic Argan oil acne treatment. I did my own research look up it's uses and benefits. Then I figured since I have already tried tons of acne products why not try this one too. I was pretty intent on finding a solution that would give me results and to my surprise it did! It worked for me!  Imagine my excitement when i found out that it's just Argan oil? The solution is Argan oil acne treatment! It took me about a week to see results. After a couple of months I was already acne free but I still have the ugly scars and marks left. I keep on using organic argan oil patiently and noticed that they all gradually start to fade week after week. Its been six months now since the first time I used it. All I can say is that I absolutely love this oil and it is now part of my daily routine. I am very thankful and happy that I discovered this amazing argan oil acne treatment. Yes it didn't happen overnight but I swear it definitely works. You just have to be patient and consistent in using it. I call it my precious wonder oil not just for my face but for my hair and entire body as well. And because of this experience i want to share with all of you everything i have learned and discovered about argan oil.

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AFTER SIX MONTHS of argan oil acne treatment..

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